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€710,000 Paid by HSE for Prescription Error Negligence

The High Court has given approval for a €710,000 prescription error negligence compensation settlement offer made by the Health Service Executive (HSE) to a woman (69) who experienced a massive stroke after she was sent home from a hospital without her vital blood thinning medication.

Along with this an apology was issued by the HSE and annual care for the rest of her life in the region of €250,000 a year will be provided.

The woman, Mary Moss, was left without her required anti-coagulants “unknowingly” for six weeks and, as a result, suffered a massive stroke. She is now disabled.

The apology to Ms Moss, made through a court statement, and her family for any “shortcomings” the took place during her attending Sligo University Hospital. It went on to express regret for the massive impact that this has inflicted on the life of Ms Moss and her family.

Legal counsel for Mary Moss, Des O’Neill SC, for Ms Moss, told the High Court that she had experience a stroke during 2010 and recovered well. In February 2018 she had experienced another ‘episode’ and her anti-thinning medication was amended accordingly in hospital. However, her new medication was not included on her prescription upon her discharge. This error went unnoticed until Ms Moss experienced another stroke six weeks later.

Mr O’Neill said Ms Moss is, at present, in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, having made a good recovery. Her family plan are formulating plans to take her home to Ballymote, Co Sligo, as soon as they can. Her daughter, Leanne Moss spoke outside court saying that she was happy to know that her mother’s care will be paid for annually and that this would help her family significantly. She said her mother is confined to a wheelchair.as she suffers from left side paralysis due to this stroke.

The family’s solicitor, Roger Murray, commented: “Thanks to a successful mediation, the family can now concentrate on getting the best possible care for their mother, and moving her home to the west where she is happiest.”

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