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Consent to Dental Treatment Compensation

If you believe that you sustained an injury during a dental procedure that a dentist completed on you which you did not provide consent for then you may be in a position to initiate a legal action for consent to dental treatment compensation.

If may be the case that you had a tooth extracted, while you were under anaesthetic, that you had not agreed to. This could have a massive impact on your self consciousness, confidence and could even have caused you a great deal of personal trauma.

Duty of Care in Dental Negligence Compensation Cases

There is a duty of care that dentists must provide when they are administering care and treating patients. The must always receive the official consent from their patients prior to completing any additional dental work. In order for a consent to dental negligence compensation claim to be successful. Dentist negligence claims have to prove that the attending dentist displayed did not receive consent from the patient and that there was a degree of suffering caused by the subsequent dental procedure, either physical or mental.

Injuries Board Ireland and Dental Compensation Cases

The Injuries Board of Ireland does not deal with resolutions of dentist malpractice. Asa  result it is highly important that you arrange a consultation with a personal injury claims with a solicitor familiar cases like this as soon as you can do so.

Dental Experts in Consent to Dental Treatment Cases

It is normal, for an Irish compensation claim involving dental negligence claim to require the hiring of dental expert. This is so that they can be consulted for their opinion on whether there has been an evidence of dentist negligence during a procedure that was carried out without consent and led to patient suffering. The dental experts will be required to show that a competent dentist would have provided a different course of treatment that would not have resulted in the patient suffering.

Because of the many different accident and injury scenarios, it is very important that you speak with a solicitor at the first practical opportunity – even if it is just to find out whether you have a worthwhile personal injury claim. A personal injury will not charge you for his or her time when you first speak with them, and will provide you with the information that you need to decide for yourself whether you have a claim for personal injury compensation which it is worth your while to pursue.

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